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Filmmaker, Artist, Consultant, Writer, Researcher Preservationist, and Public Speaker

Robert Lee Hodge is all of these things and more. A student of history since he was a child, his knowledge and enthusiasm for it has grown exponentially. His pursuit of that knowledge has taken him down a unique path.

Rob has been the face of Civil War Reenacting and Living History since befriending Pulitzer-prize winning author Tony Horwitz. The Wall Street Journal writer first penned an article on Rob for the paper, which soon turned into a book called Confederates in the Attic. With Rob on the cover and one of the main subjects of the book it soon was on the New York Times Bestseller List. It still ranks among the top-selling Civil War books of all time.

But even before his fame from the book, Hodge was a dedicated researcher. He poured through countless records at the National Archives in Washington, DC, finding hidden gems for books like the Time-Life Voices of the Civil War series.

Rob has been in many Civil War documentaries and dramas both in front of the lens and providing research behind it. Rob has also produced, shot and edited some extraordinary documentary work on the Civil War as a filmmaker, including the Emmy-award winning documentary The Battle of Franklin.

When he doesn’t have his nose buried in centuries-old paper, Rob has his feet on the dirt and grass of the battlefields. He gives tours of these fields of battle, bringing to life the men who fought there.

Many people know Rob as an ardent preservationist, fighting to protect the land he loves from unwanted development. He is currently a board member of the Central Virginia Battlefields Trust.